1. What is “ThermalTek® heating wire”?
ThermalTek® is a non-metallic state of the art heating fiber. It possesses high heat transfer efficiency, low power consumption and generation of Far Infrared Ray which is beneficial to the human body while only emitting low EMI (Electromagnetic Interference).

2. Is the ThermalTek® heating wire waterproof? Is it washable?
ThermalTek® is waterproof, soft, flexible and does not oxidize with age. It’s been tested to be twisted for more then 55,000 times per UL standard without damage. It’s washable, and we recommend hand wash for better protection of the fabric. Please remove batteries prior to washing.

3. How is the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit superior to other similar heated wetsuit?
ThermalutionR Power Heated Undersuit is the only suit in the world that works with portable rechargeable batteries and can fit to any existing wetsuit or drysuit. Our Power Heated Undersuit has the capacity to heat up in the shortest amount of time (under a minute) while been able to last for the longest duration (maximum 110~140 minutes per use). In addition, it has a temperature micro controller with ON/OFF and 3 temperature settings ensuring it to be the most friendly design you ever need compared to other products that use chemical heaters and require boiling or microwaving.

4. Can your products function normally in extremely cold weather?
Yes. Our rechargeable battery is strictly tested to function in cold condition up to -20C. With the battery mostly wrapped inside heated clothing, you have much higher cold-resistance than you imagined.

5. Are your products agency certified?
Thermalution® power heated modules are tested and certified to CE, TUV, UL and IP waterproof standards.

6. For diving or surfing, when water flushed into your wetsuit, will temperature dropped and make you feeling cold?
No. Actually the flushed-in water helped because the water circulated around the wetsuit and helped distribute the heat. Even your feet can feel the warmth.

7. When the neoprene wetsuit already possesses thermal protection, why do I need Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit?
Thermal protection of wetsuit is limited to insulate your body and minimize heat loss. When diving, as you descend in the water, your wetsuit will be compressed due to the water’s pressure. This compression of the wetsuit reduces your buoyancy and thermal protection. There is no way to make up for the lost insulation once you’re in the water EXCEPT for using our Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit as it can GENERATE heat instead of only been able to reduce heat loss. Also, the thickness and quality of neoprene determine the function of wetsuit. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer you’ll feel, but you may get extremely exhausted by putting a thick wetsuit on. With our Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit, you can say good-bye to thick wetsuit and enjoy a fun cold water sport as in warm water.

8. How does the cold affects us during cold water activities?
Being exposed to cold conditions can cause reduction of your blood’s circulation and increase of your air consumption. It will waste your energy and your finger dexterity will be reduced and this will lessen your ability to perform certain skills for sport. The effects of being could climax into a real emergency.

9. What is the difference between Power Heated Undersuit -70m and Undersuit -15m?
The -15m Undersuit is designed for surfing and other water activities performed largely above the water, while the -70m Undersuit is designed for diving purposes. There are no functional differences between the two products, but the -15m Undersuit is less capable of diving into deep depths as it can not handle as much water pressure as the -70m Undersuit.

10. Is the Undersuit fabric resistant against high temperature?
Yes. Our Thermalution® Heated Undersuit is using the most advanced fabric which is heat-resistant up to 150℃.

11. Is battery safe in deep salt water?
The batteries used are the same type of batteries found in your mobile phone or mp3 player, hence there is no danger of radiation, electric shock or explosion from our batteries. The difference is that they are contained in a complete waterproof case and are connected to your Undersuit with waterproof connectors that have been gold-plated to prevent corrosion from seawater. In addition our batteries have been tested 100m underwater for pressure resistance to ensure performance.

12. Is there special care required for the maintenance? What does it do to us?
Yes. For better protection, we suggest hand wash only. To avoid seawater damaging the product, please rinse and clean the entire suit by tap water, and wipe dry the connector heads. Please have connector cover plugged prior washing and storing.

13. You have mentioned the Far Infrared function of your product. What is Far Infrared?
According to scientific reports, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) is a spectrum of natural sunlight with a wave length of 5.6 to 100 microns. The human body requires 6 to 14 microns to activate various biological functions. Testing of PETATECH® International Company, Ltd. Products, performed by Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, demonstrate the desirable 8 to 10 micron FIR radiation provided by our products. The effects and function of FIR can be summarized as follows:
* Improve circulation
* Stimulate cell growth
* Provide warmth, and relieve joint pain and stiffness.
* Accelerate metabolism
* Improve muscle tone and posture

14. How to wear the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit?

Fully charge the battery and connect the batteries before putting it on. The Undersuit is worn directly on your skin, with your wetsuit immediately outside it.

15. How does the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit work?
The most advanced heating panel adapts into the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit, and it can heat up the core temperature in minutes. This allows the Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit to become a thermal lining; hence it will distribute the heat through whole body by water underneath your wetsuit.

16. What is the performance time of the Thermalution® Power Heater Undersuit?

The most economic time is around 110-150 minutes per full charge and due to the quality of the ThermalutionR lithium polymer battery set, its average lifespan allows about 500 recharges.