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It Works. Now I have Great Warm Dives.

I’ve been diving since 1970. And I shoot a ton of video. So often I don’t move around too much. I live in Los Angeles, but I dive all over the world. From Bonaire to Australia to the Red Sea to Hawaii I love every dive. But, even with a full wetsuit, I’m always cold and by the end of the 2nd dive I’m really cold. And night dives are the worst. But I love all my dives and I always hate to come up. For years I’ve been carrying around a heavy box of reusable heat packs that I crack halfway through my dives. But that’s a pain and it’s not easy to get the pack going inside my suit.

About a year ago I saw an ad for Thermalution’s heated dive vest. I was skeptical, but it looked cool, so I thought I’d give it a try. Wow, for the first time ever, I’ve been warm (and even toasty) for my 1st, 2nd and even 3rd dives. There’s a High, Medium and Low setting and the vest runs on two cellphone type batteries. Now I pop it on low as soon as I get in the water so my core is always warm and I rarely move it to medium. I can’t even imagine needing high as medium feels really warm. But what’s really important is because I’m warm and comfortable, I breath slower so I can stay down longer. I’m often the 1st one in and the last one out. I won’t even get in the water without my vest. Now when I do the night Manta Dive in Kona where you sit on the bottom for an hour or dive the warm waters of Bonaire, no matter how many dives I manage to squeeze into a day, I may be tired, but I’m never, ever cold. Nobody asked me for this testimonial. I just wanted to give credit where warm credit is due. Drew Kaplan

“That shirt was great. Previously I was cold during the second sessions but wearing that on the low setting kept me plenty warm. It fit well and didn’t make paddling any more difficult. The benefit I hadn’t anticipated was when I duck dived, rather than get a blast of cold it pushed the heating elements closer on my back and warmed me up. I guess I could go on… but it made the cold environment of Alaska pleasant.” Colin Burton

I’ve had my heated shirt for over a year now, and I’ve used it in very cold water under my wetsuit and in “warm” water diving. It really helps to keep my core body temperature much warmer than it would without the shirt. It makes a very cold dive tolerable and extends my dive time because I don’t have to get out of the water from being so cold!
When I’m in the pool with students, even tho the pool is heated, after 6 hours one can still feel chilly. I just turn on my shirt and I get nice and comfortable.
I was recently diving in the Caribbean and I didn’t have to wear a wetsuit. But after days and days of multiple dives, even the warm water began to feel slightly chilly. Rather than putting on an entire wetsuit, I just put on my Thermolution heated shirt and it turned a slightly chilly dive into a dive that was extremely pleasant and I didn’t feel cold at all! I highly recommend the Thermolution heated shirt and I’ll never dive without it whether in warm water or cold!
Scuter Markakis – Master Scuba Diver
Open Water Scuba Instructor – All Wet Scuba – Tempe, AZ
Instructor #317114


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