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Yellow Grade 2.0 – Wireless Thermalution


  • Battery Power: Includes Two 7.6V Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Batteries. (Waterproof to 300ft)
  • Battery Duration: Low Heat: 4 Hours | Medium: 3 hours | High: 2 hours
  • Controller Type: Rechargeable Wireless Controller
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The Thermalution® Yellow Grade 2.0 Power Heated Undersuit is designed with both the wetsuit scuba diver and dry suit scuba diver in mind.  Using a wireless controller the Thermalution Yellow Grade 2.0 enables a diver to change the temperature of their drysuit during a scuba dive without having to break the seal of the dry suit.

To give divers longer battery life, Thermalution has powered the Yellow Grade suit with two high capacity, 7.6 Volt, rechargeable lithium-polymer batteries. When fully charged the batteries will provide heat for up to 4 hours.

Note:  The Thermalution suit is designed to get warm enough to heat even the coldest of water entering a wet suit.  When diving dry vs a wetsuit, the heat will feel much warmer on the skin.  Most drysuit divers wear a thin layer beneath the Thermalution when diving in a drysuit, due to the large amount of warmth produced even on the low setting.  These scuba divers are then able to utilize a warmer temperature setting without overheating the skin on their back.

Thermalution® is by far the best heated wetsuit product available on the market!  It uses a non-metallic heating panel, positioned on the back to warm up your core area.  With a weight of only 2-3 lbs, it is worn virtually unoticed beneath your wetsuit or drysuit.  Of all heated wetsuit products currently available, Thermalution® has the capacity to heat up in the shortest amount of time (under a minute).

Thermalution® uses Far Infrared Ray technology, which doesn’t just heat your skin like many other products.  Thermalution® actually heats deep within your core, giving you improved blood circulation, enhanced cell and tissue regeneration, pain relief, and comfort to the entire body.  You will be amazed at how much more comfortable you will feel after turning on the suit to even only the lowest of three settings.  Once you have a dive in a Thermalution, you won’t ever want to venture out on a winter day without one!


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Warranty Information

Petatech International Company, Ltd (Makers of Thermalution) offer a 12-month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty from the date of purchase from any retailer worldwide. This warranty covers any Defective Materials or Components and Faulty Workmanship for one year. Thermalution also offers a 6-month warranty on all batteries and components. Customers may register their Thermalution products online for a full year manufacturers warranty on the batteries as well.