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Isurus Alpha Evade 4.5.4 Hooded


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  • Temperature Range: 49°F (9°C) and below
  • 4.5.4 Hooded Fullsuit

Engineered with world leading Japanese Yamamoto neoprene this suit is provides the maximum warmth with the performance you desire.

Like the i-Soldier, the i-Evade provides similar warmth to a traditional 6/5/4, but with less leading-edge SCS. This suit is designed with a warm, non-restrictive 2 mm hood made from Yamamoto Nano Hydrodynamic Coating.

The same stuff that Olympic swim suits were made from before being banned from competition as unfair. The Yamamoto slices through water like butter saving your noggin from getting wretched. The SCS is 100% hydrophobic and super warm.


Rotation Axis

To aid in flexibility and movement, anatomical joints and seams were adjusted to fit to the upper and lower limbs in the natural flexibility zones. This enhances the performance of the Yamamoto neoprene so that the energy can be focused on surfing and not wasted working against restriction.

Anatomically Designed Panels

Tri-athlete Inspired Panel Design for Maximizing Stroke Output and Recovery. Each panel synergistically works with the natural range of motion and flow of the athlete to enhance surfing performance.

Forward Propulsion System

The inside forearms of the wetsuit have special entrapment zones designed to trap water during the catch phase of the stroke. This creates drag, resulting in greater power output per stroke and increased distance paddled. The FPS has been proven to increase swim speeds in triathlete competitions.


Innovative material that maintains higher thermal temperatures and improves buoyancy. Isurus maximizes the use of Yamamoto Aerodome in the core insulating panels of the torso. Aerodome is widely recognized as the most effective insulating neoprene on the market.

Hood Design

SCS Thermo insulated Yamamoto. Yamamoto patented SCS improves the comfort to wear ratio and reduces the stress from the suit to the head. It contains a patented SCS membrane coating that makes the material ultra hydrophobic and wind resistant while drastically reducing the material thickness. The interior Thermo insulated membrane is applied over the closed cell neoprene and has amazing thermal properties. It is the thinnest, warmest and most comfortable hood available.

Underarm / Lateral Pannel

The critical factor for maximizing paddle output is proper design of the underarm panel. Using proven bio-mechanical design principles from competitive tri-athlete wetsuits we designed a one piece panel from the hip to the elbow joint, no seams means less restriction. The underarm panel is the key panel which dictates the degree of unrestricted shoulder and arm movement, releasing the stroke action and allowing for a complete extension along the Latissimus dorsi muscles to enhance the pull phase of the stroke.

Pivot Knee

To assist in natural movement of the knee, asymmetrical joint adjustments were made to the lower leg panel along the Peroneus longus muscle. This enhances the flexibility of the Yamamoto neoprene stretch and elasticity, so the pattern is working to divert restriction on the knee.


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