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Ember 454 Chest Zip Womens Hooded Winter Wetsuit


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The first compression 5/4 mm hooded surfing wetsuit for women.  The Isurus Ember 454 wetsuit features compression technology to increase blood flow to your muscles for more warmth and endurance.  The MST Muscle Stabilization Taping provides additional muscle support to reduce fatigue causing muscle vibration.

This high performance women’s surf wetsuit is made from 100% Japanese Yamamoto neoprene. You can’t buy a better neoprene.  The wetsuit features a front-zip hooded entry. It is super warm yet ultra lightweight.

Featuring body mapped panels cut to move in unison with a women’s anatomical structure for maximum unrestricted movement. No more aching and sore shoulders from paddling heavy water logged neoprene in wwtsuits that restrict your natural movement.  The hood is made from SCS Nano Skin providing you with maximum solar absorption, wind protection for the lightest, warmest hood you have ever used

You will find the Ember 454 to be one of the warmest and lightest cold water hooded wetsuits you will ever use. The Closed cell Japanese Yamamoto neoprene only absorbs 2% of its weight in water. Less water means less body heat wasted warming traditional waterlogged surf wetsuits.

Tested in the waters around San Francisco. The Ember 454 wetsuit is designed for performance oriented women surfers who like to charge in all conditions.


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