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We are the world’s first ever Online Heated Wetsuit Store!
Our team is not just a group of people selling products we know nothing about. All of the members of our team Surf, Ride, or Paddle on a daily basis. With our main warehouse located in Wilmington, NC, we ride year round, rain or shine, with water temps reaching the low 40s most winters. We stand behind the products we sell and wouldn’t go out in the winter without them.

We love to play on the water, and we love it a lot more when we’re warm! We are constantly testing new products, different wetsuits, and up and coming technologies designed to keep you warm in the winter time! It is our promise to you that we will only carry the warmest heated wetsuit, dry suit, and undersuit products available. We simply want what you want…to stay warmer longer doing the things we love! If a product can’t accomplish this, then we simply won’t carry it!

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. We would be more than happy to help out!