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byBenjamin Ritnerheatedwetsuits.com

The Thermalution Dry Model is a vest with a zipper in the front. It wears like a jacket although it’s not insulated so it’s thin and unnoticeable beneath a winter jacket or any type of outer shell. It has two batteries positioned behind the front pockets of the vest and the heat controller comes out from the bottom and can be placed in the front pocket or on a Velcro pad behind the pocket. The controller is simple to use and switch through the three levels of heat (low, med, and high). The two lithium ion batteries (same as cell phones) are good for at least 500 recharges and give you a maximum batter life of 7.5 hours (depending on the heat setting). The vest has two heating pads, one on your lower back and one on your upper back that can heat up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s serious warmth if you need it but on low its gentle comfort if you’re chilled. Both heating pads are made with Thermaltek heating technology which takes advantage of Far Infrared Ray’s, a wavelength that increases blood circulation and cell growth as well as providing heat deep into your core(read more about how the heating works on our Thermalution Technology page).

Thermalution's Heated Vest Review

I live in Missoula, Montana which means I experience some cold weather during the winter. Our average high throughout December and January is below freezing and periodically we experience some sub zero temperatures. In this kind of environment staying warm is a daly concern. When I first heard of the heated vest from Thermalution it really intrigued me. I thought it could be a really useful asset in cold climates, like northwest montana. Now that I've had one for over a year I can assure you that not only do they make my winters here easier, they are so comfortable that it's also my jacket of choice for mild spring and fall days. 

br-bitterroots-004s.jpgI enjoy the outdoors and take advantage of the mountains here in Montanta. I love to hike, snowshoe, and backpack as much as I can. I really love getting out in the winter and have had some pretty cold nights.
hwt-snowcave-420s.jpgSo when I first got my hands on a heated vest my intention was to use it for extreme conditions when I’m out in the wilderness. Which I did, my first trip with the vest I hiked into 7 feet of snow and I spent the night in a dug out snow cave. It was cold and I was blown away by the performance of the vest. With the response time of less then a minute, any time I started to feel cold I would just push the button and instantly start feeling heat on my back. Having previously done many trips in the winter I was pretty used to battling a cold sleeping bag, a cold jacket in the morning, and cold feet from bad circulation. Now with the vest I don't have to shiver in a cold sleeping bag waiting for my body heat to warm it up. I just turn on the vest and get into my bag. Not only do I stay warm but my bag also heats up quickly. In the morning I turn it on to get into my jacket so it warms up quicker too. I've also noticed that since my core stays warm my blood circulation does a much better job keeping my extremities warm. It’s hard to explain how good the vest feels until you try it but, ever since that first trip I've always carried one. The only thing you’ll be wanting is an extra battery pack so you can use it longer.

Now what I didn’t expect with getting my hands on the heated vest is how much I would use it. I found myself wearing it around the house, watching TV and sitting at the computer, it’s just amazingly comfortable. I was skeptical of the Far Infrared Ray Technology but you can really notice a difference. You feel more relaxed and less tense especially on your back. Over the course of the last year I’ve used it nearly every day in the winter and found excuses to get it out in the summer.

I typically wear the vest beneath a light insulated jacket and have been amazed at how effective it is at keeping me warm, especially on the low setting. I rarely used the higher settings even in below freezing temperatures. Which is nice because it gives me more battery power for longer run times. It’s very light and thin, so comfortable under a jacket or just as a top layer.

Thermalutions Heated Vest really makes getting into a cold car in the morning or watching a sporting event from the bleachers a totally different experience. You won’t want to take it off.

Benjamin Ritner - heatedwetsuits.com