• Thermalution Compact Dive Series (70M)
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Thermalution Compact Dive Series (70M)

Usually Ships in 24 hours.
Undersuit Heat Up Time:
Heats up in under a Minute
Battery Duration:
Battery Duration: 1.5-2.5 hours (depends on temperature setting)
Maximum Water Pressure Depth:
Dive up to 230ft below the Surface
Micro Controller Settings:
Temperature Settings: Low, Medium and High
12 Month Limited Warranty
Thermalution is tested and certified to CE, TUV and UL and IP waterproof standards
Product Includes:
Product Includes: Undrshirt, Two Batteries, Charger and Controller

Product Description

The Thermalution® Deep Diver 70m Undersuit is the world’s only first and only battery heated wetsuit product for scuba divers.  Tested to depths up to 250ft, the 70M Thermalution is the perfect tool to fight against the dreaded thermocline.  Powered by two 7.4 volt Lithium Polymer batteries and worn under your current scuba wetsuit, Thermalution® turns your existing wetsuit into a heated wetsuit!  As water enters the wetsuit on a dive, it circulates throughout your wetsuit and over the Thermalution.  This results in an increased water temperature in your wetsuit, keeping your core body temperature warmer, longer. 

Nearly identical to the core 15m model, the only difference lies in the temperature control unit, which is designed to withhold water pressures of up to 250ft below the surface!  Thermalution can be taken with divers on the longest and deepest of dives, helping to warm you when your body alone cannot produce enough heat to keep you warm throughout the dive.  With three levels of adjustable heat, your Thermalution heated wetsuit can be adjusted with the push of a button, giving you the warmth you need when you dive deep with the ability to turn off quickly for that warmer safety stop.


Similar to any base layer clothing (like Under Armor®) Thermalution Undersuits can be worn beneath any wetsuit, dry suit, or jacket. It's most effective to wear directly on your skin.

Wearing beneath a wetsuit

Thermal protection of a wetsuit is limited to insulate your body and minimize heat loss. The thicker the neoprene, the warmer you'll feel, but you may get extremely exhausted by putting a thick wetsuit on. With our Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit, you can say good-bye to a thick wetsuit and enjoy a fun cold water sport with a thinner wetsuit, because Thermlation generates heat instead of only been able to reduce heat loss. By wearing Thermalution® Power Heated Undersuit beneath your wetsuit it distributes the heat through whole body by the water underneath your wetsuit.

Battery and Controller

Thermalution Heated Undersuits use two 7.4 volt Lithium Polymer batteries. Battery Size: 4x2x0.5 Inches.

These are the same type of batteries found in your mobile phone or mp3 player. There is no danger of radiation, electric shock or explosion from these batteries. Batteries are compact and lightweight and are positioned outside of the undersuit at the sides of the chest, under the arms. It offers maximum freedom of movement and it's easy to change batteries.

Thermalution micro controllers are easy to use. To turn on the undersuit push and hold button for 2 sec. On start up it displays a green light and starts temperature on low. Push once more to change to medium temperature with an orange light indication and once more to change to high with a red light indication. To turn the undersuit off simply push and hold button for 2 sec.

Product Reviews

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  1. Toasty Warm!

    Posted by Ruth on 14th Jun 2018

    The thermalution is a wonderful solution for keeping warm in cold water! It is easy to operate and really works! It makes diving is cold water much more enjoyable! I hate to miss out on a dive!

  2. Dive Series

    Posted by Drew McNeely on 5th Feb 2018

    Hey Guys,

    I did some substantial homework prior to my purchase with your company. I love my suit. Fits well does and not chafe my skin.
    The instructions were adequate and easy to follow. I elected to go with your suit vs some others due to the extended coverage area.
    The only drawback is the life span of the batteries.The 90 to 120 window was pretty spot on. I was in the water my first time with the dive suit for 4 hours. The temperature was between 49 and 51 degrees. I kept the battery on the low setting so as to sustain as much battery power as I could.
    I would recommend to any one who looks to stay in the water for an extended period, to order a replacement set of batteries. Had I had an additional pair I would changed out the deleted batteries and placed the new ones and gone back out.
    That said, I will need to touch base with your company to order a new set of batteries. Would that not be cool if they were solar batteries.
    Anyway great product and easy company to work with!!!
    Take care

    Drew McNeely
    Edisto Island SC

  3. Worked Great

    Posted by Unknown on 29th Jan 2018

    I have only used the thermal shirt on one trip. We did two days of diving (two tanks per day). The heat is felt instantly when you turn the shirt on. It was great in the cooler water of a cenote in Playe Del Carmen. I can't wait to use it again.

  4. Never cold again

    Posted by Thomas A. Show on 9th Dec 2017

    I wore the 70m under my DUI Drysuit in 48 degree water while diving in Arkansas. Never went higher than the lowest setting and stayed toasty warm during the entire dive with only a pair of jeans and a T shirt on under my Drysuit What a fabulous product. Cant wait to dive the great lakes this summer.

  5. Nice heated shirt

    Posted by Karen on 20th Sep 2017

    The Thermalution shirt is a nice addition to my diving stuff. It really does keep me warmer and is easy to maintain. However, for someone who gets cold, it doesn't make me too hot.
    I dive in water that is generally 50-55 degrees F. Its COLD! I wear a 7mil Semi-dry, which I was hoping to be able to use without getting cold using this heated shirt. It really didn't warm my whole body, but did keep me a bit more comfortable. The controller had to come out of my neck area, which was not comfortable.
    That being said, I did try this under my drysuit and that really DID keep me warmer. The only issue with using it in a drysuit is that you have to set it and slip the controller under the zip seal, thereby not giving you the ability to adjust the heat during the dive without flooding your drysuit.
    You may ask why I didn't purchase the wireless unit? Because the shirt costs 1/2 what the wireless vest does and they basically have the same heating elements. TWICE the cost for wireless control was extreme, so I am making due with my wired shirt.

  6. Provided heat when needed

    Posted by Emy on 28th Mar 2017

    The Thermalution is easy to use, heated fast and provided enough heat when I did a night dive. I live in a tropical country and the water temperature this time is around 24C.

  7. Amazing warmth!

    Posted by Melissa Guzior on 31st Oct 2016

    This is a amazing product! Wore this under my 7mm wet suit in Guadalupe island diving with the Great White Sharks. Cold water! Was able to stay down longer and get great photos of the experience. I am usually shivering underwater after 45 minutes....but, not in this shirt! Would recommend to all. Charges easily and lasts a long time.

  8. Game changer for coldwater drysuit diving

    Posted by Bonnie on 9th May 2016

    I bought this to wear under my drysuit while diving in the winter in the Pacific Northwest. It is great! It has nearly doubled the length of my dives. Previously I could go about 30 minutes before I was so cold that that was all I was thinking about. I just spent a week in North Vancouver Island and all my dives were 50+ minutes. I always kept it on low. I can't imagine turning it up higher if you are wearing it under a drysuit. I had to wear 2 shirts under it as well. When I went with only one shirt, my back got burned.....literally.
    The battery life was okay on low, but if we were out on the boat for back to back dives, the shirt would usually die sometime during the second dive. So I am buying a second set of batteries for back up.

  9. She's hooked

    Posted by Mark on 20th Apr 2016

    My wife is always cold, and she's been using this shirt since 2012. For her, it makes the difference between diving and not. We were on a liveaboard where the crew poured warm water into wetsuits at the end of a night dive. She was the only one who didn't ooh and aah; she said it was what the heated shirt does all dive.

    After her shirt stopped working on our last trip, she contacted Matt, who offered to repair her broken shirt, sell her a new one with no batteries, or even sell her a used demo shirt. She went for both the repair and the demo shirt, so that she's never without the shirt again--and can loan out the spare to skeptics.

    The great customer service is almost as good as being warm throughout a dive.

  10. Never Know if It is going to work

    Posted by Linda Kruszka on 19th Jan 2016

    My heated vest is great when it works. The last two times it worked great. I find the batteries do not hold the charge for as long as advertised. I have the setting on low. The last time, there was a flashing red light. Nowhere on the web site or in the materials I have tells me what this means. More FAQ's or tech support should be available. The idea is awesome, however there need to be some upgrades and tweaks.

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Product Videos

Heated Wetsuits - Thermalution Battery Heated Rash Guard 15m (01:13)
Thermalution's Heated Rash Guard or Vest is the warmest heated wetsuit product in the world. Used kayaking, surfing, kiteboarding, or any other water sport, this is the most advanced way to stay warm in your wetsuit or dry-suit. The 70M model is a almost identical heated rash guard that is waterproof to 200ft, helping scuba divers and free divers stay warm underwater.Here is a quick video showing the basics to the Thermalution 15M model. Found at http://www.heatedwetsuits.com
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Warranty Information

Peace of Mind Guarantee
Offered through HeatedWetsuits.Com: 1-year "BRAND NEW REPLACEMENT" Warranty
Offered exclusively on products purchased through HeatedWetsuits.Com.
If you buy from us and it breaks during the first year, send it back to our return team. We will replace it with a a BRAND NEW replacement suit and/or batteries to get you warm and back on the water as quickly as possible.
Petatech International Company, Ltd (Makers of Thermalution) offer a 12-month Limited Manufacturer's Warranty from the date of purchase from any retailer worldwide.  This warranty covers any Defective Materials or Components and Faulty Workmanship for one year.  Thermalution also offers a 6-month warranty on all batteries and components.  Customers may register their Thermalution products online for a full year manufacturers warranty on the batteries as well.